I awoke to the news of Betsy DeVos being our Secretary of Education yesterday morning. I felt a rush of anger flood my body and all day long that energy kept expanding. Underneath it felt like a strong punch to the gut, the emotion of defeat and sadness was present.  So many of us had been calling government officials, signing petitions, and protesting putting the lives of children in the hands of someone who is unexperienced.  By mid-afternoon I couldn’t take the stress and anger that had build up. I told my partner I needed to go to an S factor class to move out some of the pain and rage I was feeling. 

I have understood about the value of self-care for some time now in these times my body is screaming for double/triple servings of it. When I left class last night I felt as if I had spent the day at the spa and someone massage each part with just the right amount of loving care. I noticed I was able to breathe deeper, my shoulders had dropped, and I felt IN my body.

The personal responsibility I feel for doing something daily to make a difference in the world is tugging at many of us through our daily FB feed and email.  My own spirit is saying the work I do with the girls at GEMS (gems-girls.org ) needs to expand to larger level of self-empowerment as well as working with people who are facing injustices .

And yet I know I can’t DO this ALONE! I’m desiring to band with more women collectively to have our voices heard and our actions be a force in the world m

 Women we can’t ignore our bodies right now, we can’t succumb to the feeling of“CAN”T DO THIS.”  “WE MUST DO THIS” and we must do this through our feminine healing energy. I heard of a group of women sticking up to ISIS leader when they threatened to kidnap their girls who live in safe housing for sexual trafficking. That is the power of a women takes care of her self so generously that her power does not waiver. She owns her worth.

Please Goddess, know that you CAN not abandon your self care right now. In fact its time for an UPGRADE!

Here are a few ways I reconnect with my own body:

  • Take a Femme! or S Factor movement class

  • Indulge in a “Goddess bath” bring all your senses to play- lavender essential oils, bath salts, sparkling water with lemon, chocolate, relaxing music that helps you melt into the experience

  • Call up a friend who can support you with grounding you into reality and encourages your self-care

  • Take a walk and be fully present, live your electronic devices and take in some deep breaths for yourself