The Embodiment Experience (Goddess Circle)

So often we lose our fire, our connection to our desires, and the fun we once experienced in our lives. We have been crushed by the way society tries to dim our shine and expel a woman's fire. But goddesses, oh goddesses I tell you that there is another way. One in which you honor all layers of yourself from your dark rage to your radiance and everything in between.  

What if I was to show you there was another way?

There will be NO more suppressing our voices, our truth or power. It is time to reach up and pull down that invisible glass ceiling and let our desires pour in massaging every inch of our beautiful body. This is a place where you can fall flat on your face and surrender into your sisters arms until you find your strength to keep moving forward. It's time for you to alter your reality and choose pleasure over obligation. It's about seeing the best parts of yourself through the eyes of your sisters and beginning to embody those diamond particles. It's discovering the world around you begins to relate to you as the GODDESS you have always been. It's falling so deeply in love with yourself that you realize you are the entree and your partner is  the dessert there to enhance your glow but not be your key to your happiness!

The Embodiment Experience introduced me to an entirely new way of living that was centered around my hearts desires, giving from a place of abundance and loving without expectation or reservation. Since joining the circle in 2014 I have recreated my life by changing the stories I have around self love, partnership, abundance & sensuality. I went from heartbroken, broke and living on friends couches to business owner, home owner and happily married to my soul mate in less than two years. That is the magic of this circle.”
— Vanessa Viglietta

You walk in strangers and leave cultivating the true spirit of sisterhood, which is in every woman’s lineage. Sisterhood is the energy of abundance which will organically flow in every other area of your life. 

We will 

*heal things from our past lineage that are no longer ours to carry

*learn to embrace your gorgeous range of emotions

*let go of distrust of other women and lean into vulnerability and transparency with other women

*let pleasure be your compass instead of your to do list

*release our parents relationship to money so we can open up to having abundance in all areas of our life

*set free our expectations of love and open our heart to something new

*alchemize our sexual energy to magnetize the things in our life towards us


The sharing is JUICY, the  expert guests are knowledgeable and  the time spent together will open up things beyond your wildest dreams!

The Embodiment Experience brought me back to life. After years of transformational work I was defeated to be at the bottom again. Rebuilding my life from scratch felt scary and daunting. With Leora at the helm my life literally went from a 4 to a 1o overnight. Results came effortlessly from money to love to a booming career to traveling the world everything I ever dreamt came to fruition. The magic lies in circle. I am forever changed.
— Malaine Schmid, Founder La Maison de Lumiere, Spiritual Guide/Intuitive Coach

THE EMBODIMENT EXPERIENCE was created for women to step into their next level of receiving.

As women we are wired to give to everyone else before filling our own tanks up. We walk around life often in depletion, anger, and frustration not ever being able to place the finger on what this is. For many women it causes a chemical imbalance, which leads to depression, shame, and isolation. Sisterhood was the medicine that I discovered healed many of my own issues from alcoholism, eating addictions, loneliness, and that feeling of never really being able to fulfill big dreams because I kept thinking I had to do it “ALONE.” On the other side , a whole new life emerged, PLEASURE became the #1 thing I learned to bring. That created a delicious freedom, I gave up on lack and scarcity and experienced ABUNDANCE in all areas of my life, a deep connection to my TRUTH was formed and I began to use my voice as well as align my actions with my highest ways of living, and the amount of FUN I began to have was no longer something I sat back and watched other people have!

Watch what people are saying!



For 6 months we will journey into these topics through embodiment, ritual, practical tools and extraordinary guests! The space we create is sacred and intimate.

During this GODDESS-VENTURE together you will receive:

  • 3 monthly calls

  • A complimentary ticket to our full day retreat in the city GODDESS ON THE GO

  • A Goddess who will be holding space for you

  • Weekly “shines” to celebrate the good in your life


  • A pleasure workbook with everything you will need for our time together

  • A private Facebook page where you can share and feel the support of sisterhood