Royal Immersion Goddess Circle

Have you ever tried to push through something major on your own? No matter how many green juices you devoured or how many yoga classes you attended something in your spirit felt STUCK ?. As women we have this outdated misconception where media and society has told us to be “stronger” “better then the next women next to you” or “independent superwoman” “if you want something done you have to do it by yourself. “ Rampant running reality shows, magazine headlines that scream at us when we walk past them, and your own past experiences with “mean girls” have taught us we cannot trust other women.

What if I was to show you there was another way?

How about showing up in a room the exact way you are in this moment; and feeling accepted, seen, LOVED on! That is the energetic space of this circle.  Your space and process is honored and held here. We ask of you to bring in your SIZZZLE and be committed to doing your PLEASURE WORK. The feeling of loneliness no longer impacts your lives with such highs and lows as you stand with other sisters who have your back.

Living La Vida Goddess Circle introduced me to an entirely new way of living that was centered around my hearts desires, giving from a place of abundance and loving without expectation or reservation. Since joining the circle in 2014 I have recreated my life by changing the stories I have around self love, partnership, abundance & sensuality. I went from heartbroken, broke and living on friends couches to business owner, home owner and happily married to my soul mate in less than two years. That is the magic of this circle.”
— Vanessa Viglietta

You walk in strangers and leave cultivating the true spirit of sisterhood, which is in every woman’s lineage. This is the way THRIVING women communities in every culture were once honored and respected. Its TIME to awaken that force in todays world.

During our time together you will learn numinous rituals to tap into your feminine energy, pleasure, sisterhood, abundance, sensuality, self-love, and self-care. There is something that we receive from other women that we can get nowhere else.

We will ROUSE the spirit of FUN with our surprise experience and guests.. What goddess doesn’t like to be seduced by not knowing what secret location we may meet at that week or who may walk through the day. It tends to keep us out of our routine comfort zone and JOUJ up our life in all areas.

In this intimate space we have room for only 12 women at a time.  

The sharing is JUICY, the surprise experiences are LUXURIOUS and THRILLVENTOUROUS, and the time spent together will heal parts of your life UNEXPECTEDLY with ease!

Living La Vida Goddess Circle brought me back to life. After years of transformational work I was defeated to be at the bottom again. Rebuilding my life from scratch felt scary and daunting. With Leora at the helm my life literally went from a 4 to a 1o overnight. Results came effortlessly from money to love to a booming career to traveling the world everything I ever dreamt came to fruition. The magic lies in circle. I am forever changed.
— Malaine Schmid, Founder La Maison de Lumiere, Spiritual Guide/Intuitive Coach

LIVING LA VIDA GODDESS was created for women to step into their next level of receiving.

As women we are wired to give to everyone else before filling our own tanks up. We walk around life often in depletion, anger, and frustration not ever being able to place the finger on what this is. For many women it causes a chemical imbalance, which leads to depression, shame, and isolation. Sisterhood was the medicine that I discovered healed many of my own issues from alcoholism, eating addictions, loneliness, and that feeling of never really being able to fulfill big dreams because I kept thinking I had to do it “ALONE.” On the other side of the coin, a whole new life emerged, PLEASURE became the #1 thing I learned to bring and boy did that create some deliciousness and freedom, I gave up on lack and scarcity and experienced ABUNDANCE in all areas of my life, a deep connection to my TRUTH was formed and I began to use my voice as well as align my actions with my highest ways of living, and the amount of FUN I began to have what something that was not something I sat back and watched other people have!

Watch what people are saying!



For 12 weeks we will journey into these topics through ancient and modern ritual, sassy and amazing surprise outings, and extraordinary guests! The space we create is sacred and intimate to contain that we have a limit of 12 Goddesses per circle.

During this GODDESS-VENTURE together you will receive:

  • A 30 Minute Pleasure Call with Leora to kick off this JUICE filled time together
  • A luxurious WELCOME GIFT
  • A complimentary ticket to our full day retreat in the city GODDESS ON THE GO
  • Your Amiga who will be holding space for you
  • A mid way CELEBRATION call with LEORA
  • Weekly “shines”
  • All SURPRISE outings
  • A full day celebration of SURPRISE EXPERIENCES to commence our 12 weeks together