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Goddess on the Go NYC

  • Ramscale Studios 463 West Street New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)

Please join us for a full day workshop of deep healing and divine delights. Connect with THROUGH-THE-ROOF self love, explore the sensual, and revel in your sacred beauty. Plus, RAFFLES and GODDESS ON THE GO GOODIE BAGS

A percentage of the ticket price will go to the organizations of GEMS


Power Relationships For Goddesses with Liz Lazky


Being a goddess means navigating relationships with partners, loved ones, friends, clients, and coworkers.  Whether you're in the boardroom, the bedroom, or even at brunch, a solid relationship is the bedrock of happiness and fulfillment.

Dr. Liz Lasky's expertise is helping women get what they want in business, life, and love. This November, she's helping us uncover the ways to get the most out of all types of relationships.

We have a little time before 2018.  

Where do you want to be in your relationships? Let's get you what you want. 

What are you waiting for?

This event will show you how to:

·      Call in more juicy, satisfying, and blissful relationships

·      Expand your vision of what’s possible in your current relationships and beyond

·      Identify where you are playing too small and missing out on power relationships

·      Identify the top 3 stumbling blocks to power relationships (and how to clear them)

 BIO:  Dr. Liz Lasky is the CEO and Founder of the Lasky Institute, a coaching and education company that helps women get what they want in business, life, and love.  After coaching and counseling hundreds of people, Dr. Liz created the Get What You Want method, a proven system that helps people shift their mindset and jump into action in order to achieve personal and professional goals.      

With a Masters degree in social work (YU), a PhD in Social Welfare (YU), and a Certificate in Coaching (NYU), Dr. Liz is a visionary of personal and company growth, strategic thinking, and personal and leadership development.  She brings a unique set of skills as a seasoned social worker and coach and offers a 100% confidential judgment-free and client-centered zone.  Her talent in understanding human behavior makes her an outstanding coach in her field.

When not working, Dr. Liz enjoys Broadway theater, improv comedy, canoeing, and spending time with her husband.  You may even catch her performing musical improv with her veteran group, The Jezebelles from the Magnet Theater.  



Summoning The Goddess with Anita Kopacz


We all have a goddess living within us . Some days we are more in tune with her then others. Summoning the Goddess ritual will bring her to the forefront and allow her to be open to receive.

BIO:Anita Kopacz is the former Editor-in-Chief of Heart&Soul magazine. She is an award winning writer and spiritual advisor with a passion to see people thrive. Anita has a MA in Spiritual Psychology and is the author of the book FINDING YOUR WAY with the foreword by Russell Simmons. Anita's intention is to awaken the divine simplicity and joy in her life and others.




Live Embodied with Ninna Amora


Do you ever doubt yourself?
Do you find yourself being stuck in the analysis paralysis?
Do you spend more time in your head and excluding your body and feelings?

Come with an open mind and body and you'll receive exactly what you need. Come with questions normally reserved for those you trust the most for the answer.

You will have the opportunity to explore and discover the wisdom already in your body through your authentic movement. No choreography here. You can expect to receive confirmation or be pleasantly surprised! Let's see what your body has to say.

Embodiment is about being present to what you need in the moment and honoring it. The result? Ease. Flow. Magic. Synchronicity.


BIO: Ninna Amora guides women out of their heads and into their bodies as a means to aligning and expressing their truth. Her students and clients often refer to her as "Body Whisperer," "Emotional Doula", and "Embodiment Guide."

Since 2015, she has been helping women release unexpressed emotions, tap into the wisdom of their bodies, and to not only trust the information received, but to take action. Whenever a woman is afraid to "go there" in those deep emotional waters, Ninna is ready and willing to go too - and not leave her there. She teaches classes, group privates, workshops and private guiding (coaching) When she is not guiding clients to BE (in their bodies), she is developing websites for her clients to EXPRESS (online) more of their authentic selves.



Diving In led by  Libby Wagner


A spoken word journey and salon conversation for your delight and inspiration. Libby’s poetry and beautiful conversations inspire and invite you into the next threshold of your life. What is the still point of your longing? Where can you be both strong and soft

BIO: Libby Wagner is a poet, teacher, writer and speaker who works with organizations large and small, and leaders across the globe, to create the kind of lasting and powerful impact they desire, whether it’s through their unique approach to work, the language they use to influence and create, or the relationships they build. She is one of the only poets working in organizations where she inspires others to access and express their artistry, even when they might not normally describe themselves as creative or innovative. Libby is a founding faculty member of the Institute of Conversational Leadership and Invitas with poet David Whyte, and she was honored as a Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year in 2014. She has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.

Libby is the author of Amazon Best-Seller, The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business (2010), What Will You Do With Your 90,000 Hours? The Boardroom Poet’s Thoughts on Work (2016) and three collections of poems, including Like This, Like That(2002), Somehow (2012) and Dancing on the Summer Lawn (NP). She collaborates with Irish musician and composer Owen Ó Súilleabháin in live performance and audio recordings. Together they’ve created Harvest (2015), an audio collection of poems and original music, and the genre-breaking Now Just This (2017), an embodied experience of spoken word poetry.


Libby has worked with hundreds of individuals to inspire and teach them to locate and express their voices in their writing, work and creative lives.


Praise for Now Just This:


“Libby is a wonderful, fresh poet/artist! Her voice, her use of language, the timbre and beat of the pulse of her poetry is so alive and so vital that it feels like a guided tour of her sensual soul. She is a channel for women’s voices.” Regena Thomasaur aka Mama Gena and author of Pussy: A Reclamation


“Libby Wagner reminds me of what’s best about voice rising in a woman: that we must reinvent ourselves endlessly. That our becoming is ongoing. That the voice is a muscle.” Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water and The Book of Joan.



Earlier Event: October 16
Goddess on the Go LA