Leora has been a transformational public speaker for over 12 years 


She has spoken on topics of women's empowerment through the vehicle of sisterhood, the importance of slowing down as a women in a fast paced world and the damaging effects it can have on our life if we don't, and how self care can bring much needed balance into our life.

Leora just spoke on stage with Marianne Williamson in January 2017 at Rock your Voice Women. She has been on national TV, The Better Show, sharing about the importance of creating partnership while being pregnant. Shared with young women who have recently been sexually trafficked at GEMS (gems-girls.org) how to go after your dreams after disappointment, and have spoken at several all women events about the power of sisterhood infused with self care practices.

Her past speaking experience includes:

  • The Better Show- National TV-Meredith Networks
  • The All Star Projects
  • GEMS (gems-girls.org)
  • Dawn Copeland Hidden Well
  • The LifeStyle Lounge
  • Wealthy Sexy Rebel
  • A Day Of Joy


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