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Too often, we women are busy running from place to place, forgetting to take care of ourselves first (if at all). We get disconnected from our bodies, our needs, and our intuition, forgetting what makes us happy—or that we even deserve to feel happiness at all. At Goddess On The Go, women connect, move their bodies, and uncover their bombshell beauty in a fun space designed to heal and create lasting fulfillment. It’s a serene celebration of life, goddess style! We also have an incredible group of sponsors. Click below to read more about them and our company.


About the book

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Kimberly M. Daniels
Couldn't put it down!
I was hanging onto every word of this book. It's the kind of book you want to read over and over again. So many inspiring women sharing their stories and giving tangible advice about daily rituals and self-care. This book will not leave my bedside. I've just finished it and I already want to go back and reference some of the different chapters and start incorporating all the juicy rituals!!!

Olivia Dzumaga
Radical Self-Care Practices Every Goddess Needs
Leora takes you through every area of your life and provides you with self-care tools for loving yourself wholly and completely. One of my favorite lines is "So I shimmied and hip circled before business calls instead of stressing... out." Contributions from vibrant souls on essential oils, sensuality, healthy eating, financial success, clean beauty. I love love how much applicable material is included- this is definitely a MUST have on your bookshelf and nightstand. Enjoy learning more channels for vibrating on your highest level of consciousness!!


Goddess on the Go gives back & works closely with GEMS and The Power Of You Teens

A portion of all Goddess On The Go proceeds goes to support Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS), the only organization in New York State specifically designed to serve girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. Leora Edut first began working with GEMS in 2009 to create a day of beauty where the girls had an opportunity to relax and be taken care of fully. What became true to Leora was the importance of bringing knowledge and tools of self-love, self-care, health, sisterhood, and fun into these girls’ world. Leora continues to work bi-weekly with GEMS, introducing new teachings and workshops around the important areas of living a full and balanced life. “It is truly an honor to work with my girls,” says Leora. “I’ve seen so much self-love, compassion, and extreme growth develop in each one of them.”



The Power of You Teens (POYT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit empowerment and mentoring organization created to inspire girls to dream big and provide them with the tools they need to reach their full potential.  Our mission is to encourage girls, between the ages of 10-19, to think creatively and believe there is no limit to what they can achieve!  

We have been serving girls in the Harlem community since July 2014. Through our workshops and mentorship programs, we create a safe, fun and inspirational environment that ignites the spark for girls to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant.  We encourage character development and academic achievement and prepare our PowerGirls to be Confident, College Bound and Career Ready.  Our organization also connects our PowerGirls with positive role models and dynamic mentors of excellence. 

For more information about us, you can visit our website: http://thepowerofyouteens.org/  By engaging and speaking with our next generation of young women, POYT seeks to develop tomorrow’s agents of change who understand their self-worth and how they can make a positive impact in their community and the world!





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